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    • God made Little apples

    • Man-woman relationships ; Life
    • A husband is fed up with the daily grind that allows him to eke out a decent existence, but prevents him from experiencing the joys of life. He feels trapped by respectability, a low paying job and his growing desire for the youthful live-in helper...
    • Blue Roses

    • Man-woman relationships ; Marriage
    • A husband, bored and somewhat annoyed with the solicitous attitude of his wife, longs for his privacy and solitude, but when his chance for solitude actually comes, he finds the time apart from her unbearable.
    • A yellow leaf

    • Love stories ; Man-woman relationships
    • A thirty-six year old man find himself developing a passion for a blossoming soon-to be seventeen year-old and he is not sure what to do about it. Sensing that his feelings are being reciprocated, he ponders the many ramifications of such a...
    • Red dirt don't wash

    • Love stories ; man-woman relationships
    • Adrian, a simple country yokel, falls deeply in love with Miranda, a refined, city-bred lady’s maid. He feels woefully inadequate, but nevertheless, he tries to win her heart and this leads him to even buy a pair of shoes for his usually bare...
    • Don't stop me laughing

    • Love stories ; Adultery ; Man-woman relationships
    • Although Sherry has another man, she is having an affair with Silver but the relationship is becoming impossible and likely to end although Silver insists he wants it to last forever. For one, she still feels some commitment to her man Jim, but...
    • Buried treasure

    • Deception ; Buried treasure ; Man-woman relationships
    • As far as Joshua is concerned, women are not very smart and he has no intention of spending his fortune on his wife who considers him mean and lazy. He denies these accusations along with her saying he is easy prey to any conman, until the stranger...
    • Till the end of time

    • Man-woman relationships
    • Clive told her he wanted the beautiful black girl to be his model, but his wife doubted his intentions were that honourable. Accusing his wife of jealousy, Clive attempts to engage the services of the said beauty at the nightclub and this leads to...
    • The Moon or a penny

    • Love stories ; Man-woman relationships
    • Dick is repeatedly frustrated with his fiancé’s prudish attitude towards sex even after they are engaged. She never seems to understand the all-consuming passion that drives him to desire a total union of body, soul and spirit. Her seeming...
    • Start of something again

    • Man-woman relationship; Interpersonal relations; Hurricanes
    • Duckett and Silver meet regularly at their favourite restaurant to talk about art and politics as the city grows restless in the aftermath of a devastating hurricane. During this time, Silver is flirting dangerously with a married woman right...
    • The Talisman

    • Love; Man-woman relationship
    • He decided that the wonderful almost mystical bonding between them as lovers had to be broken, and to him fell the unpleasant task. He felt that he had given his all to the affair while to her it was not serious but something she could set aside...
    • The miracle

    • Family relationships ; Man-woman relationships
    • Henry finally came around to accepting the hard labour in the field as his lot, although he had tried very hard to escape the rut. However, he felt guilty of having his wife, a former teacher who could have married better, sharing it with him all...
    • Ed is coming home

    • Marriage ; Man-woman relationships
    • Joie keeps her husband fully informed about their neighbour who has a husband in New York and is left in Jamaica to cope with two small children. Joie feels sorry for her, but Sam less so as he notices the regular visits next door of a man in a...
    • Ed is coming home

    • Marriage; Man-woman relationship
    • Joie keeps her husband fully informed about their neighbour who has a husband in New York and is left in Jamaica to cope with two small children. Joie feels sorry for her, but Sam less so as he notices the regular visits to their neighbour of a man...
    • The white cockerel

    • Love stories ; Man-woman relationships ; Loss
    • Martie experiences a mix strange of powerful and liberating emotions as she prepares to kill the white cockerel for the family’s meal. Her recent amorous encounter with the foreman of public works has changed her from a mere girl with romantic...
    • Night shudders over all

    • Man-woman relationship; Marriage; Infidelity
    • Night time seems to bring to fore all sorts of events and behavior as people reach out for life or try to make sense of it. The author presents some examples, including: the wife who suspects her artist husband of philandering with his latest...
    • Remote control

    • Man-woman relationships
    • Peter, the poet, is torn between two women - Sylvia, his wife representing the subjective part of mind, and Claire, his mistress and the objective part. As he sets off in the night to visit Claire, the journey affords him time to contemplate and...
    • Man waiting for a train

    • Marriage ; Man-woman relationships
    • Richard waited impatiently for the arrival of the Montego Bay train which would bring his wife back again. He could not help wondering if their relationship, after years of marriage, had changed in any way during this period of separation from each...


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