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    • Thunderhead

    • City and town life
    • The author provides short insights into the lives of different people in the city at a time of social turbulence: Joie and Sam looks forward to Christmas together but tragedy intervenes; a seventeen year old boy furtively tries to seduce a girl...
    • The Prophet

    • Religion ; Man-woman relationships
    • The prophet announced to his followers that he was going to fly and commanded them all to sell their properties, bring the money to him and come to the settlement at the top of the mountain to await his flight to heaven. All seemed to be going well...
    • Christmas Eve

    • Christmas stories; City and town life; Rural life; Interpersonal relations; loss
    • Christmas Eve is usually a time of food, laughter and good cheer, but for some like Connie, there is little cause to celebrate. In the country, she listens to her family’s chatter as they express their wishes for a better new year. Mass Jim talks...
    • The talking tree

    • Aging ; Death
    • Grandfather told others about the cotton tree that talked because of the spirits that lived in it, but few listened and none took him seriously. Only with his little granddaughter, Naomi, was he able to share his rambling vision of going one day to...
    • That man of mine

    • Abused women; Love stories
    • Innocent Pansy, fresh from the country, comes to the city and lodges at the YWCA as a good girl should. There she acquires domestic skills that get her a live-in job in lower St. Andrew. Everything is going fine until one evening she meets a...
    • A Man can laugh

    • Boxing ; Love stories
    • Having just won the boxing match, Nick did not like listening to Spink, his manager, telling him that he would only be good for a few more fights because his legs were giving out. Nick’s uncertainty about the nature of the relationship between his...
    • The Chaperone

    • Sex roles ; Women
    • Ella, somewhat plaintively, talks about how men and women are treated differently in society and suggests her acceptance of these gender-based differences. However, she seems to fail to realize that she herself is going against these stereotypes by...
    • Barometer falling

    • Interpersonal relations; Women
    • The author gives a bird’s eye view of life among a variety of people on a given day and concludes with the story of Connie whose dog had bitten her friend’s child. Every day Connie feared the child’s mother would confront her with a medical bill,...
    • Another day

    • City and town life ; Death ; Nationalism
    • The author describes a series of events that makes up a typical day in the city such as a bus catching fire; a group of high-brows debating whether there is any real West Indian culture; ordinary workmen recently paid going off in the hills to...
    • Night shudders over all

    • Man-woman relationship; Marriage; Infidelity
    • Night time seems to bring to fore all sorts of events and behavior as people reach out for life or try to make sense of it. The author presents some examples, including: the wife who suspects her artist husband of philandering with his latest...
    • Hot water

    • City and urban life; Interpersonal relations
    • A variety of scenes from city life: a vagrant arrested for loitering sentenced in court the next day; three mischievous boys playing on the beach; a man courting a somewhat reluctant nursemaid; an attempted blackmail that goes awry; a pregnant...
    • Start of something again

    • Man-woman relationship; Interpersonal relations; Hurricanes
    • Duckett and Silver meet regularly at their favourite restaurant to talk about art and politics as the city grows restless in the aftermath of a devastating hurricane. During this time, Silver is flirting dangerously with a married woman right...
    • Storm Warning

    • Hurricanes
    • A hurricane is approaching and already the heavy rains are causing physical destruction and severe hardship for the people. For example, Silver has a terrible toothache and because of the storm he is unable to get to the dentist; Pinkie, desperate...
    • The Talisman

    • Love; Man-woman relationship
    • He decided that the wonderful almost mystical bonding between them as lovers had to be broken, and to him fell the unpleasant task. He felt that he had given his all to the affair while to her it was not serious but something she could set aside...


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